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Contact Information:

David Sabet

Mailing Address:
2305 Kildane Way, SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Office Tel: 360-706-9097
Mobile Tel: 360-706-9097

Business Hours:
10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Mon.-Sat.
Open 6 days a week!


24 Hour Emergency:
Call 360-706-9097





General Information - Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy / Legal Notice

Revised and Updated on Apr. 09, 2018

What We Can Do for You:


There are hundreds of jobs or tasks that we can do for you to solve your problems or bring improvements to your house or place of business. We can fulfill your handyman needs.  We can also repair a damaged window, fix a door, or completely remodel your bathroom or kitchen. We can repair wood trim, roof leaks, light fixtures, patch concrete, or paint your house - inside and out. We can make your garden and lawn more beautiful. Do you need a ceiling fan or pet door installed, a shower-head replaced or just your caulk or grout repaired? We can repair or replace your floor or wall tiles, or complete a drywall patch. Whether it's a big job of remodeling your entire house or just a small list of tasks, we can help. Please call us today and get all your repairs done in a timely and a cost effectively manner.


We clean up after ourselves each day or at the end of every small job. We understand health and safety well and are trained in how to handle any potentially hazardous materials and use the proper techniques for all repairs and remodeling projects.


Types of Quotes:

Time & Materials (T&M) Basis:

We normally price each project / job on a "Time & Materials (T&M) Basis". This ensures that you will only pay for the work we complete and any materials we purchase for your project. You will also have the option of buying the needed materials or parts yourself should you decide to save money by not paying us for shopping time or warranty markup on the materials you want. In that case, we will advise you on materials to buy and help you make a shopping list.


The advantage of this method is that it is the least costly and fastest way to have many small to medium sized projects done. Also, it is easy to expand your to-do list without changing any contracts. The disadvantage is that you do not have a firm price up front, but rather an approximate time frame.


If you wish your project to be priced differently, below are other possibilities:



To get an estimate for the total costs, we can only give you an educated guess for what the costs will be. You may be provided a low and a high number that normally range within 20% of each other. The advantage is that you pay the actual cost and there is no extra mark up to cover contingencies and you will not be charged more than the highest price. The disadvantage is that you do not know your exact cost in advance. However, if you are comfortable with the estimate, then you can be satisfied with the final total cost. 


You may be given only one estimate (without a range) for each task.  In that case, contingencies are not considered in the estimates and the prices given are minimum costs to you.  You will be informed if hidden problems are discovered or additional work is required during the project.   In that case, you will be given an estimate for the additional work required.  Please note that estimates are not fixed quotes!


Bid or Fixed Quote:

This is a firm quote on labor and materials and will be the exact amount you pay. The advantage is that you know the exact cost up front. The disadvantage is that we have to plan on unforeseen problems and your cost will be higher than other methods because we have to charge more to cover the risk of unexpected costs.  For Bids and Fixed Quotes, we require that you pay for the entire cost of your project ahead of time before the 1st day of the project when you sign the contract!


Price Not to Exceed:
This is like T&M but provides you with a price the project will not exceed. This is good when you have a long to-do list of small tasks but a limited budget. Then, we will try to complete as many tasks as we can and as fast as we can. The advantage is that you will not run over your budget; and the disadvantage is that all tasks may not get done this time and you may have to deal with the remaining undone items at another occasion.  For Not to Exceed projects, we require that you pay for the entire cost of your project ahead of time before the 1st day of the project when you sign the contract!


This method is also good for big jobs when we can finish your project according to our well-discussed issues and pre-agreed quality of work to not to exceed your budget for the entire project.


Hidden Damage or Hidden Problems:

Damage or problems discovered that could not be seen before starting your project are not included in any of the above methods. Once discovered, we will notify you and discuss with you a change order detailing all the additional costs for you to approve before continuing your project.


Service Call Fee:

We sometimes charge a flat fee of only $49-$79 to come out to each job site to give you an estimate. This fee will cover the driving time to your place as well as the cost of operating our truck.  You will be credited for this amount in your invoice if you hire us to do your project.  


For after hours, emergency, or urgent service calls, the fee will be a minimum of $100 in most cases if we drive less than 15 minutes to get to your site.  For longer drives, we normally add $50 for every additional 15 min. of driving. However, we will not charge more than $250 in total for driving time.  These fees cover only the driving time.  Additionally, you will be charged our regular labor fee + material & part costs for whatever you will be asking us to do. 


Labor Fees:

Currently, we charge $40 - $150 per hour depending on our operating costs, the complexity, danger, and risks associated with each job/project.  On the average, our labor fees are about $40-$65 per hour.  We normally give 5% discount to 1st-time customers, 10% discount to senior citizens (75 and older,) 10% discount to the handicapped, and 10% discount to disabled veterans if they are willing to write a review online on the last day of the project and before making the final remaining balance payment (one discount per customer per month.)  All discounts and promotions are for labor fees only.  A customer and her friend can each get a "5% discount coupon" when a customer refers a friend to us at our website.  See the "Refer a Friend" tab on our home page. 


The discounts become due and payable to us on the last day of the project if the customer fails to post his or her review online on the last day of the project.  If the customer doesn't pay us back the discount on the last day of the project, he or she will immediately lose his or her guaranties and warranties for the entire project!  Not only that, we will have the rights to take legal actions against the property owners / managers to collect this unpaid balance.


Other issues:

We expect the property owners / managers to provide us with water, electricity, gas, or other utilities free of charge during the course of the project regardless of what times of the day or night we work.  In other words, all estimates, quotes, etc. are given with the assumption that we do not have to pay anyone for utilities used or we don't have to bring or produce our own utilities to or at the jobsite. 


We try to be a "GREEN" company and avoid using hazardous materials such as oil based paint, paint thinners, pesticides, herbicides, asbestos containing materials, etc.  We also try as much as possible to avoid advertising on papers, magazines, newspapers, etc.  We do our best to separate and classify the trash we produce at the jobsites so we can take the recyclable items to recycling centers.  We also expect the property owners / managers to allow us to use their onsite trash cans on daily bases for the small amount of trash we produce.  Otherwise, we have the right to add additional daily fees to our invoice(s) for hauling the trash to an offsite facility.  We always take the bulky and heavy trash items offsite for disposal.


Most of the services we provide to customers are done by our well trained handymen.  If you require that licensed servicemen to do your entire or part of your project, please inform us ahead of time so we can properly and adequately budget your project before signing any contract with us.  It is the home owner's / property manager's responsibility to request licensed servicemen for their projects. 


It is the responsibility of the home owner / property manager to find out if construction permits are required and request construction permit for their own projects.  We do not include permitting costs with our estimates or quotes unless we are specifically asked to do so by the home owner / property manager.  In some States, cities, or counties, the permit fees are very high and the permitting processes are complicated and time consuming.  We must know ahead of time if the home owner / property manager wants us to pull permits so we can plan and budget the project costs correctly!


Working Days: Our normal working days are Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. excluding official holiday. 

office people illustration


Here is our six-step process for communicating with you:

  1. Once you request a service, we will come by and review your project with you and give you an estimate of the time and cost to complete your project. We will also tell you when we can start the work.
  2. We will contact you again a day or so before if necessary to remind you what time we will start to do the work.
  3. As work progresses, we will keep you updated. If we discover any hidden damages or any unanticipated circumstances that requires additional work, we will discuss it with you, and together, we will schedule changes in a work order.
  4. You are always welcomed to contact us by phone, via cell phone text messaging, or by email if you wish to communicate with us regarding the ongoing project or the projects we have completed for you in the past - we will get back with you as soon as we can.
  5. We encourage you to give us feedback on the project and our performance once the job is complete. You can do that by email, phone calls, letters, online reviews, text messaging, or by any other means you wish.
  6. The work we do is normally guaranteed for a time period. If you find any problems after the job is completed, we will come back (1 time only) and fix it FREE of charge. Below is more details about our guarantee.




For an extra fee, for every project, no matter how big or small, we may be able to include a written guarantee for workmanship (labor) on the Estimate & Contract we ask you to sign.  You must specifically ask for a written guarantee so we can include that additional cost in the contract.  We do not give guarantee for any landscaping work we do as many environmental factors (such as improper watering, lack of sunshine, improper fertilization, disease, improper use or treatment, etc.)  which are out of our control can adversely affect the quality of work done after we complete the project.  You will never be asked for an advance deposit for small sized jobs that do not contain specialty ordered items.  We may request deposit and/or weekly payments for big projects.  Quality of our workmanship is not guaranteed for people who are picky, unreasonable, or perfectionist and our guarantee is not a "money back guarantee" under any circumstances!We will do our best to repair once (1 time) what we originally repaired or installed which may break or malfunction due to our workmanship during the guarantee period.  All guarantees are voided if items installed, repaired, or planted are abused, misused, altered, repaired, damaged, moved from the fixed position, replanted, or neglected by the home owner or the business owner/operator. All guarantees and warranties are voided if the customer fail to pay for his or her project in full on the last day of the project.  Similarly, If a customer receive discounts in exchange for writing a review (good or bad) and doesn't write and post it online on the last day of the project, the customer instantly loses his or her discounts, guaranties, and warranties, if any, for the entire project.


Our guarantee and warranty is not transferable to a new property owner if the property is sold during the guarantee & warranty period!


Crack or fracture repairs (cracks or fractures in walls, ceilings, floors, ground, decks, etc.) are not guaranteed in any shape or forms because the cracks are normally due to settling problems and we have no control over them.  We normally advise property owners and managers to remedy the conditions which contribute to settling problems before we repair the cracks.  Remedies suggested by us often include installation and regular & proper use of sprinkler systems, soaker hose systems, and/or foundation repairs.  We strongly suggest that property owners & managers to consistently and regularly (especially during the hot season, May through October for example) keep the property's ground areas adequately moist.  This will most likely eliminate or minimize settling problems!!!


Disputes, Disagreements, Legal Actions, Late Fees, Etc...: 

A 10% late fee will be added to each late payment plus additional fees for collecting the unpaid balances.  Payments are considered late 24 hours after the due date & time.  In case of nonpayment(s) , charge back(s), and or disputes over payment(s) or disputes over the scope of work which would results in utilization of services of collection agencies / attorneys, or use of the legal system by either parties, all discounts, guarantees and warranties (if any) and the labor & volume discounts (if any) are automatically, permanently, and immediately voided for the entire project. In this case, all given discounts will be forfeited and payable immediately by the property owner or by the property owner's representative.


No cancellations, rescheduling, or omission of the project, or omission of any tasks of the project are allowed by the property owner or the property owner's representative once the Estimate & Contract is signed by both parties (New Era Remodeling & Repairs and the property owner or property owner's representative.)  If the home owner or the property owner's representative wish to cancel after he or she has signs the Estimate & Contract, he or she is fully obligated to pay for the cost of the entire projects.  Project deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances once the contract is signed by both parties.  If problems, disputes, disagreements, or dissatisfactions arise between the parties during the project, we (New Era Remodeling & Repairs) have the right to quit working and end the project to avoid further complications and problems.  In this case, the home owner is still fully liable to pay the remaining of his/her balance in full for the project. 


We all ( New Era Remodeling & Repairs and the property owner or property owner's management representatives) agree that all legal actions by the involved parties be filed and pursued in the county where our business address is when the lawsuite is filed.  


Liability: Our maximum liability due to accidental damages to a customer's property is limited to the total amount of labor fee we have charged a customer for the task we were performing when the accident happened! 



It all depends on the work load we have on hand when you call. Generally, we are able to start your project within a few days after you call if not immediately. How readily we can respond to emergencies depends on our availability, but we can normally accommodate you immediately or quickly.



For big projects, at least 50% of the total amount is due on the day we sign a contract and the remaining balance is due on the last day of the project.  For all projects, small or large, the last day of the project is when we submit to you the invoice for the remaining balance or when we verbally or in writing announce to you that the project is completed.  a 10% late fee will be added to each late payment plus additional legal fees for collecting the unpaid balances.  Payments are considered late 24 hours after the due time & date.  If you (the customer) have agreed to write an online review in the Estimate & Contract, your review must be posted on the last day of the project and before you make your final payment.  In this case, the online review is equivalent to the labor discount and volume discount you have received for the project.  If you fail to write the online review before making your final payment, or change your mind about writing the online review, you will lose the labor discount and the volume discount you had received in the Estimate & Contract you signed.  Not only that, we will have the rights to take legal actions to collect this unpaid balance!  In other words, you must add the discount amount to the remaining balance and then make your final payment to avoid lawsuits against you. 


A list of references will be provided upon request.


Contact Information:


David Sabet



Mailing Address:

2305 Kildane Way, SE

Olympia, WA 98501


Office Tel:  360-706-9097

Mobile Tel: 360-706-9097


Business Hours:

10:00 am - 7:00 pm, Mon-Sun.

We are open 7 days a week!


24 Hour Emergency: Call 360-706-9097





Privacy Policy

Welcome to the New Era Remodeling & Repairs ("NERR ") internet website (this "Site.") NERR wants you to know what information we learn about you when you visit this Site, what we do with that information and any other information you voluntarily provide us through this Site or by other means and how you can view or change the information we have. This privacy policy describes our information collection and use practices on this Site. It does not apply to information you might provide on another site operated by us, or one of our partners or affiliates, nor does it apply to information you may provide to us through other forums, including offline or through electronic mail.


Information Collected At This Site:

There are two types of information that we can learn about you as you browse and use this site. Each type of information can be used in a different way.


1. Internet-related Information - generic statistical and demographic information that we gather passively from visitors to the Site.

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Internet-Related Information Gathered Passively:

We collect Internet-related Information from visitors to our Site, including the referring URL, your IP address, which browser you used to come to the Site, the country, state or province, the pages of our Site that you viewed during your visit and any search terms entered on our Site, for the purposes of system administration, to gather broad demographic information, and to monitor the level of activity on our Site. We track customers' traffic patterns throughout their online sessions, including which pages or specific URLs a customer views while using the Site. We use your Internet-related Information to diagnose problems with our servers and software and to administer our Site. We may share aggregated statistics about pages viewed on our Site, demographic information and sales and other shopping information with third parties to enrich your visitor experience.


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We reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time by posting a notice that we are changing our privacy policy or by sending an e-mail message to previously registered visitors.

What to Do If You Have Questions or Concerns about Your Information, or If You Need to Contact Us:

If you need information or have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or our use of your Personal Information, or wish to review all of your Personal Information, you may contact our Director of E-Commerce Solutions & Data via e-mail


In order to facilitate the transfer of data between the United States Of America (USA) and European Union (EU) countries, the USA and the EU have entered into a "safe harbor program," under which data can be transferred from the EU to participating non-EU companies. The program has a set of seven principles, to which NERR complies with respect to the data collected and used as described in this Privacy Policy. As part of that program, while we strive to respond to your concerns, we recognize that we may not always answer all of your questions, and as such if you are an EU resident, we will participate with the Data Protection Authority in the country in which you reside. Thus to the extent that you feel that your questions have not been answered, and you are a resident of an EU Member country, you should feel free to contact the Data Protection Authority of the country in which you reside.


Call Monitoring and Recording Privacy Statement:

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service NERR may monitor and record phone calls answered by NERR or by its hired answering service company and made by NERR or by its hired answering service company. NERR may also archive recorded voice mail messages. NERR records calls for training purposes, to improve customer service, and to ensure an accurate record of Client calls, which may be needed to support transactions that take place over the phone or by voice mail messages. This allows NERR to identify how NERR can better serve its customers.



Legal Notice


Dealing with Sub-contractors:

By no means, diectly or indirectly, our customers & clients are allowed to do business with our sub-contractors, in any shape or forms during any length of time shorter than 10 years after the last day of any projects and during any ongoing project, without a written consent from New Era Remodeling & Repairs.  Likewise, New Era Remodeling & Repairs' sub-contractors are not allowed directly or indirectly by any means to do business with New Era Remodeling & Repairs' customers & clients, in any shape or forms during any length of time shorter than 10 years after the last day of any projects and during any ongoing project, without a written consent from New Era Remodeling & Repairs.  In case these rules are violated by our customer and by our sub-contractor, each violating party is fully and equally liable to pay the full amount (labor & parts) of any unuthorized business conducted to New Era Remodeling & Repairs.  The total cost of an unauthorized business conducted will be determined soley by the rates and standards of New Era Remodeling & Repairs regardless of the total value of the deal between the violating parties! 


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