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David M. Sabet
Business Owner
New Era Remodeling & Repairs, LLC
2305 Kildane Way, SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Office Tel: 360-706-9097
Mobile Tel: 360-706-9097

Normal Business Hours:
Between 10 am - 7:00 pm
Operating 5 to 6 days a week! Mon-Sat

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Handyman Gallery


Handyman Gallery

Project Description:

  • Cleaned up the room
  • Painted the room
  • Replace the toilet
  • Repaired drywall

Project Date: 11/25/2018, Project Length: 30 days, Project Cost: $750

He immediately fixed our rusted plumbing to prevent any additional leak damage before I even made the down payment. He finished our bathroom and it looks amazing. We needed the bathtub, toilet, flooring and walls surrounding the tub all replaced. He finished the work timely without rushing any of the processes.

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